Download: High-Performance Collections Litigation

Five ways analytics and automation can increase recoveries, improve compliance, and reduce hassle.


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For lenders, it's time to open the "litigation black box." But how? 

Get the guide on five powerful ways creditors can use technology to recover more,
spend less time and money doing it, and reduce their compliance risk.


Measuring litigation performance: 
Gather complete information for better control.


Automating litigation management:
Substantially reduce time to recovery.


Managing vendors:
Find a more efficient way to use your vendors.


Improving compliance:
Ensure rules are followed and take action when they aren't.


Optimizing law firm performance:
Ensure legal fees are spent wisely.

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The risks of outsourcing collections litigation without the right controls are too great.

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Creditors are responsible for the actions of the law firms and other service providers they hire.

Multiple back- and- forth transactions between the creditor and law firm leaves room for mistakes.

The total return from recoveries is significantly lower for an outsourced litigation program.

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Meet Oliver. We bring precision to complex litigation, focusing on debt collection today. Our software helps creditors and law firms work together across the entire debt collection lifecycle: creditors gain control of their litigation efforts, law firms have an efficient way to collaborate, and consumers are ultimately treated like people, not debtors. Our technology removes inconsistencies, prevents unnecessary errors, and keeps organizations in compliance. It creates operational firepower. And it enables people to work on the important things. We are working to change debt collection’s bad name by building Responsible Software at the intersection of RegTech and LegalTech. All that and more is why leading debt collection operations run on Oliver.

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